My body is a garden, where the seed of God was sown..."
~Lyrics From An Unknown Song Title~


"We ought as willingly read devout and simple books
as those that are high and profound."

~The Imitation of Christ, Bk 1, Ch 5~

Prayer In Distress A Lesson In Raspberry Picking The Instrument How?
Thoughts about God
Child Of God Silence In Heaven
Redesign In Process
Secret Saint
Redesign In Process
Mary, Did You Know?
Not The Song
Treasures Kept
A Poem About Grief
This Dance Of Mine!
Redesign In Process
An Answer To A Prayer
Tribute To A Pet
Redesign In Process
On Spiritual Darkness
~Future Use~ Love Of Jesus
Personal Reflection

Mother's Memory
A Spiritual Poem About My First Christmas
~Future Use~


One Solitary Life You Are Mine
David Haas
The Legend Beautiful
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
~Future Use~ To Live
Beautiful pro-life poem by John C. Nash
Redesign In Process
In Memory Of...Mother Teresa
by Annette Galloway
Come To The Feast!
St. John Chrysostom
A Crown
by John C. Nash


    THE SAINTS    

The Prophesy Of
St. John Bosco

Feast Day - Jan 31
St. Francis Of Assisi
Canticle Of The Creatures (Brother Sun)
Feast Day - Oct 4
St. Therese Of Lisieux
The Little Flower
Feast Day - Oct 1
St. Francis & The Wolf Of Gubbio

  Catholic Holidays and Seasons  

There may be duplicates of above pages,
but these can be related to some Catholic Holy Days.

Advent Blessings and
The Meaning Of Advent
March 25th - Feast Of The Annunciation
Silence In Heaven
Redesing In Process
May 31st - Feast Of The Visitation
Is Mary The Mother Of God?
Nov 2 - All Souls Day
Seven Days Of Prayer For The Souls In Purgatory
Holy Thursday
Redesign In Process
Good Friday
Mary, Did You Know?
Come To The Feast!
O Holy Night
Minuit Chrétien
Redesign In Process

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