Why A Catholic Garden?     

     A garden is an area of everchanging delights!  In one area is a rose bush just ready to bloom, while in another, the day lilies are just starting to show their greenery.  As some flowers fade away, there is always a promise of something new and exciting about to grow.
     And then there are the evergreens -- never changing from season to season.  There are so many different types of flowers and greenery to please the eye, one can never get bored with such an assortment of colors and stages.
     To me the Catholic faith is very much like a garden.  While God, the evergreen, never changes; to the faithful, the Church has so many delights to explore.  And with each newly discovered truth, the soul blossoms, becoming more and more beautiful as it grows.

This garden is dedicated to God and His creation,
His church, His saints, and His people.

God Bless and keep visiting
as there will be so much more to come!

In Christ's Love,

My body is a garden, where the seed of God was sown..."
~Lyrics From An Unknown Song Title~

Follow Me Into The Garden
The butterfly above will show you the way into the Garden. Click on him to enter.

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